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Machines speak,
we listen.

Machines speak, we listen. We are a company with more than 10 years of experience in telemetry for data gathering, which we combine with AI. This technology enables our clients to get relevant real-time information for better decision-making or troubleshooting of processes and situations.

What is

It’s a system developed for agricultural insurance companies that allows for enhanced telematic loss adjustments by means of AI.

This way, insurance companies manage to have more certainty when calculating compensations, so the process can be more reliable, quick, and efficient.

How does
it work?

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SmartBox is a multi-brand device that connects to the harvester and sends real-time information on productivity to our main office with SmartCore AI.

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Our AI analyzes the data while checking the reliability of the information received and correcting possible mistakes.

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The farmer can access the information on their phone.

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The insurance company can also access the information in real time.

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Why should you
work with us?

  • Reliability

    With Smartway Insurance, the insurance company can access the harvest outcome information safely and in real time. Both the farmer and the insurance company handle the same information, by means of system certification and AI.

  • Efficiency

    Our system enables the loss adjuster to access the information on one or more fields, wherever they are. Not only does this improve speed of response but it also decreases the need for travel, which in turn increases coverage and cuts costs and loss adjustment time.

  • Policies adjusted to reality

    Since the company has precise information and a clear picture of how a field performs in certain periods of time, it can adjust its policies to make its product both more appealing and profitable.

  • Climate change

    Climate change is real and climate events are more and more frequent and unpredictable. Having traceable information aids decision-making and reduces uncertainty.

  • Benefits for the farmer

    Easy and quick installation, which saves time during the set-up phase. Linking it to the harvester with the connector doesn’t affect its performance nor does it void its warranty. The farmer will have the information of their production in real time and in a confidential manner.


Nicolás Cremona - CEO Smartway

Gonzalo Díaz - COO Smartway

Oscar Luengo - Smartway Specialist Technician

Alejandro Solsona - Agricultural Producer

Gonzalo Chillado - Manager MunichRe

Florian Mayr - MunichRe

Markets and
companies we
work with

Smartway currently works with insurance and reinsurance companies in such diverse markets like Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Paraguay, Switzerland and Uruguay.

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